Clearing Blocked Drains Tilehurst Reading

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A drainage team from Reading Drain Services have completed a major drain cleaning and repair in Tilehurst Reading. A  CCTV drainage survey was initially conducted to determine where the problems were located. The drainage survey created HD quality video of the pipes and showed that there were a number of issues which included collapsed pipes, deformed pipes, serious root infestation, blockages caused by silting, scaling, displaced pipe joints, and cracked pipes. The work carried out by the team included the excavation and replacement of the collapsed pipes, followed by root cutting and descaling using our state of the art high pressure water jetting system, and then using advanced no-dig pipe renovation techniques and installing multiple pipe liners. Drain relining also known as patch lining, is a cure in place pipe (CIPP) or ‘no-dig’ technique, which involves covering cracks in the pipes with an internal resin-impregnated glass fibre sleeve. Once the resin has hardened, it creates a