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Cesspit or Septic Tank Installation?

Cesspits/cesspools come in many different shapes and sizes. They are installed entirely underground. Older tanks are usually built of brick. The more modern cesspits are usually made of fibreglass and come with a holding tank without an outlet. Cesspits are generally considered as a temporary solution to be used only where there is no mains drainage available. Typical locations where a cesspit may be suitable would be a holiday home site or a campsite.

It should be remembered that cesspools are designed for containment only and require emptying on a regular basis depending on usage. If you have a cesspit/cesspool, then Reading Drain Services are able to provide our latest tanker service to empty the tank speedily, efficiently and economically.

A far better option than cesspools is a waste management treatment plant otherwise known as a septic tank.

A septic tank is part of a sewage treatment system and will have an outlet running to a soak-away filtration process. In a typical septic tank system, all the wastewater from your toilet plumbing, sinks, baths, showers, will flow through a network of piping to your tank. Most tanks are constructed of cement or plastic. More recent systems have perforations in lines on the outflow of the tank. This allows solids that enter the system, to settle to the bottom of the tank where bacteria and enzymes will decompose waste into water and gases, whilst fats, oils and grease will float to the top forming a scum layer which breaks down slowly.

Finally, there are septic tank chemicals on the market that improve functionality, digest sludge and restore a clogged system to its optimum state. However, care must be taken when choosing the appropriate chemical for your system.

Just like Cesspits, your septic tank must be emptied regularly according to usage, but not less than once every 12 months.

Proper installation, system design and regular maintenance will extend the life and performance of your homes septic tank treatment centre. Having an ongoing maintenance contract will help to minimise the risk of system failure, unpleasant smells, gurgling noises, water contamination, blocked pipes and early breakdown and can sometimes save you many thousands of pounds in potential repair costs.

If you are considering installing either a cesspit or a septic tank one thing to be aware of is that there is general recognition in the housing market that cesspits decrease values, whilst waste management systems will increase the value in a home.

Cesspit And Septic Tank Emptying

It is important to note that cesspit and septic tank emptying can only be carried out by a licensed disposal carrier like Reading Drain Services. It is considered illegal for a non-license individual or body to carry out this service. Our cesspit and septic tank emptying team are fully licensed and professionally equipped to deal with your septic tank and cesspit services. Please do not hesitate to contact us, the best part is that we are available 24/7.

Cesspit And Septic Tank Installation & Maintenance Services

If you are in need of a septic tank or already have one installed and would like to learn more about our septic tank installation and maintenance services in the Reading and surrounding areas, including Henley, Maidenhead, Caversham, Tilehurst, Woodley, and Bracknell, then please contact us for a FREE no-obligation quote. We can advise you on the design, installation, maintenance and repairs of your choice of system irrespective of the size of your property from a small house to a large factory.

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If you area is not mentioned above but you live within 25 miles of Reading Berkshire and you are in need of professional 24 hour drain unblocking services then give us a call as we will be able to help.

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