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High pressure water jetting, sometimes referred to as hydro jet cleaning, is a specialist procedure for cleaning and unblocking your drains. This technique involves the pumping of water through a flexible hose at high pressure,(4,000 – 6,000 PSI), which strips away any blockages or accumulated debris, such as grease, fat, garden & toilet waste, flushes it all out and restores full flow. Due to the risks of injury from the power jet drain cleaner they should only be used by fully qualified drainage engineers. At Reading Drain Services all of our drain engineers are fully qualified and have been trained to Health & Safety Standards in the use of the drain jetter and our jetting equipment is up to date and serviced, which ensures that all of our drain jetting work is done safely and professionally.

If our CCTV drain survey has shown that you have a blocked drain pipe, due to a build up of debris or roots in sewer line then our fully qualified drainage technicians will use the drain jetter installed in their vehicle to clear it quickly and efficiently. The high-pressure drain jet will clear the large majority of drain blockages, or septic tank blockages, so avoiding the need for potentially costly drain excavations or drain pipe replacement, it also has no detrimental effect on the drain pipe lining.

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Benefits of Hydro-Jetting.

Greater Effectiveness

The old traditional methods of drain unblocking such as drain rodding cannot match the effectiveness of drain jetting. The older traditional methods can leave unwanted debris inside drainage pipes even when the unblocking has taken place. Such residues are very sticky and therefore the process of clogging will start all over again.

The high pressure jet cleaner on the other hand, cleans your drainage pipes thoroughly so that no residue is left inside the pipe. And thus, it delivers a steady and continuous flow of water, minimising the risk of returning drain blockages and clogging for long periods into the future.


The drain jetter can be used to remedy both commercial and domestic drain problems alike. Our jet wash drain unblocker is cutting-edge technology and has the flexibility to be used directly from tankers and specialist vehicles, or it can be transported on mobile cages to be in close proximity to the desired location. All of our drainage engineers are fully trained to undertake jobs so that there will be no threat to drainage or sewer pipes.


High pressure water jetting is a fast and efficient approach to drain unblocking and cleaning. The faster the job can be done, the fewer people will be exposed to pollution. Meaning there is less risk of any health hazards.

Cost Effectiveness

Hydro-Jetting takes only a fraction of the time when compared to the standard techniques of drain rodding, so ultimately. Hydro jetting is truly a cost-effective means of drain unblocking and cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

From an environmental perspective, you may think that hydro-jetting is a waste of water, which is a valuable resource here on earth. However, the truth is, hydro-jetting doesn’t waste water. It uses water for a very important purpose. Above all, this method does not involve usage of harmful chemicals which can badly affect the environment. Unlike traditional methods, it does not bring harmful bacteria to the surface.

Prevent Drain Blockages – By Way Of Regular Maintenance.

Finally, drain jetting is a good method of preventive maintenance. Regular high-pressure jetting will keep your drains and pipes free of blocks and clogs thereby minimising the chance of more serious issues from developing.

Some Areas Of Berkshire Our Drain Jetting Specialists Operate In

Ascot Bracknell Crowthorne
Earley Eton Hungerford
Maidenhead Newbury Reading
Sandhurst Slough  Thatcham
Windsor Wokingham  Woodley

If your area is not mentioned above but you live within 25 miles of Reading Berkshire and you are in need of professional 24 hour drain unblocking services then give us a call as we will be able to help.

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